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Current stocklist in progress.
Carb kits, carb insulators and sump gaskets.

Deluxe twin Amal concentric 600 & 900 kit. Larger bottom banjo washer is made of Kevlar composite material the same as insulators.
Price with postage included in North America. $ 19.95usd
Kevlar flange insulators/gaskets.
Prices are for 926, 928, 930 & 932
concentric sizes. $1.95-1/16" & 2.50-1/8". Ten dollar Minimum order including postage.

Amal 1.5" GP Kevlar insulator/gaskets.
IN STOCK 1.5" GP and 1-3/8" sizes.
Prices 2.25/ 1/16" & 2.85/ 1/8" version.
Ten dollar minimum order including postage.


Pre-Holiday special, 2 600/900 series rebuild kits.
Pre-Christmas .00 including shipping to N.A., other locations from $1.
Coming soon, BSA B44 sump gaskets,B33 sump gaskets, B44 gear oil drain plug too.

US FUNDS, Please email address for postage to be added. Airmail only.